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[单选题]()a microscope we can see different kinds of things that are unable to be seen by our naked eyes.

AIn terms of

BIn place of

CBy means of

DBy far


[单选题]Of all()reasons for my decision to become a university professor, my father’s advice was()

most important one.






[单选题]Look out!Don’t get too close to the house()roof is under repair.



Cof which



[单选题]George and Margaret and their children 21 at 140 Davis Street, 22 the street from a small park. Their house is just off the main road. George usually goes to work by bus, but sometimes he goes 23 his car. The children usually go to school by bus.

The Glenns’house is24 hidden among the trees. It has small bushes (灌木) planted around it. There is a fence25it and the house next door. It is a two-storey house,26the living room, dining room and kitchen (厨房) on the first floor, and the bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor.

The Glenns spend a lot of time at home. 27now they are at dinner. Conversation (谈话) at the Glenns’house is usually lively at meal time. The children are discussing trips they would like to take. Susan ,who has never28on a plane ,says," I’d like to29a plane to California. "Henry, who is elder ,thinks it would be fun to be on a30 ,heading for adventure ( 冒险) in Africa. Teddy, the youngest child, says, "I want to go around the world on a train. " His elder brother and sister are still trying to31to him why this is not possible32 their mother says, “Children,you’ve spent too much time at the table. Henry and Susan, go and33your homework. Teddy, it’s time you were in bed. "

Soon there is silence throughout the34. Teddy is in bed, Susan and Henry are in their rooms studying, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenns are in their living room,35George is sitting in his favorite(最喜欢的) chair ,reading the paper and Margaret is sitting on the sofa ,doing some sewing.







[单选题]" ... She was married to an officer in India , long ago India; and she had a life of physical adventure(冒险)as exciting as her poetry. Her husband could cross rivers using crocodiles(鳄鱼)as stepping stones. He died when she was only 39. Unwilling to exist without him , she took her life , leaving a son in England."

I stared at the paper,___21___reading , couldn’t help thinking.

Crocodiles are lazy animals as a rule , but they can move like lightening when they want to. And they don’t mind hurrying___22___they're hungry. There used to be lots in Indian rivers , living on fish mostly; but what’s a little fish for a fifteen-foot crocodile? They ate people , fisherman or anyone else delicious enough to get too near;women doing the___23___,or children playing at the water’s___24___.A hungry crocodile’s mouth___25___over a meal with a sound like a gunshot. A big fellow can___26___in a man in two bites(咬).

That woman’s husband crossed rivers___27___from one crocodile’s back to the next. I believe it. It had to be done quickly before the creature could see what was happening.It wasn’t___28___a brave , active man;and no doubt he improved with practice. He could never look___29___while crossing.

The wife used to watch him-I felt sure of that.She lived___30___the adventure , the___31___excitement of it all. Their real life was with tigers,snakes...It’s no wonder she wrote___32___poetry.

Then he dieD.I imagined how she felt. Was there another man___33___him in India , in the world? She was still young,hardly a sitting-room widow(寡妇)."I must___34___, too." she said to herself. So she did what she felt she had to do. A___35___probably , to her head.

But her young son , their son? Was her love for him nothing compared to her husband? Well,what do you think?








As a boy I dreamed of flying airplanes 21 I told Dad I wanted to be a pilot.he said. ‘You need to

do your job well on the farm first, and 22 you may realize your dream.’The farm was an everyday

responsibility (职责)-that. 23 Saturday, Sunday and Christmas too

Every morning I got up at four o’clock to milk and 24 the cows. After the milk was bottled, my older brothers and I 25 it to people's homes. I was paid five cents a bottle.

At that time I 26 that to be success-ful you have to take care of your responsibilities一 When I was

16, I signed up for flying lessons. To pay for the lessons I 27 a small restaurant with some friends.

One of our regular 28 was the president of the Farmers Bank.

Every 29 I got,I talked to him about my dream. One day I told him I 30 $3, 500 to buy my own 31 . Helent me the money so that I could fly people within 150 miles of the airport. Twelve years later I was flying people around the world 32 a pilot of a big airline company After ten years in the company I started my own 33 . Today I run a milion-dollar company, but it was on the farm that I learned the principles(原则)that have 34 me. Hard work and determination do 35 dreams come true.

请选择25最 佳选项()。







"It´s no use, Mum, "said Johnny. "I´ m just no good at dancing. "

"You´ve got to keep trying. Tonight will be 21 , dear. Try a turn with that pretty Lisette. " Johnny 22. Every Saturday night used to be the best of the week. He and his parents went to the 23 at the Club, where his hero, Alcide, played the accordion (手风琴)with the band. But lately everything had changed. Now that Johnny was older ,he was 24 to dance with a girl! 25 Johnny and his parents arrived at the Club, music had already started. Johnny got up his 26 to approach Lisette. "May I have this dance?"Johnny asked. "That´ s all right," said Lisette. Johnny struggled to keep up with Lisette´ s 27 steps, but he was always one beat behind her.Then Johnny heard his friend Pierre say," Look! Johnny has two left feet!" Laughter burst from the crowd. Johnny 28 and ran outside,determined never to go to another dance.

The next Saturday, Alcide drove to Johnny´ s house for some potatoes. He happened to hear Johnny playing the accordion. Alcide´ s eyes 29. "Bring that accordion and play some songs tonight," Alcide said. Then he drove off ,leaving Johnny staring open-mouthed 30 him.

At the Club, Johnny scanned the crowd for Lisette and 31 her. The band played for a long time before Alcide said," Dear friends, I got a 32 for you tonight. Young Johnny is going to join us!" Trembling, Johnny stepped up on the platform, his eyes on the floor. He began to play, and the band joined in behind him. When the song ended, he heard cheers. Johnny kept playing until the dance was 33"You did a fine job tonight. Play with us again next Saturday night," Alcide said. "Yes, sir! "said Johnny. 34 he went outside, Johnny saw Lisette and her friends near the door. Lisette stepped forward, smiling," You played really good tonight!"she said.

"Thank you ,"Johnny blushed(脸红). As he walked on ,Pierre 35 moved out of the way for him to pass.

Johnny patted his accordion. Come to think of it, in his whole life, he had never once seen Aleide out on the dance floor.







[单选题]Will it matter if you don't take your breakfast?Recently a test was given in the United States.Those tested included people of different ages,from 12 to 83.During the experiment,these people were given all kinds of breakfasts and sometimes they got no breakfast at all.Special tests were set up to see how well their bodies worked when they had eaten a certain kind of breakfast.The results sow that if a person eats a proper breakfast,he or she will work with better effect(影响)than if he or she has no breakfast.This fact appears to be especially true if a person works with his brains.If a student eats fruit,eggs,bread and milk before going to school,he will learn more quickly and listen with more attention in class.Contrary to(与……相反)what many people believe,if you don't eat breakfast,you will not lose weight.This is because people become so hungry at noon that they eat too much for lunch,and end up gaining weight instead of losing.You will probably lose more weight if you reduce(减少)your other meals.

The passage mentions that many people believe that if you don't eat breakfast,you will().

Alost weight

Bnot lose weight

Cbe healthier

Dgain a lot of weight


[单选题]Some people hate everything that is modern.They cannot imagine how anyone can really like modern music;they find it hard to accept the new fashions in clothing;they think that all modern painting is ugly;and they seldom have a good word for the new buildings that are being built everywhere in the world.Such people look for perfection in everything,and they take their standards of perfection from the past.They are usually impatient with anyone who is brave enough to experiment with new or to express himself or the age in materials original ways.It is,of course,true that many artists do not succeed in their work and instead produce works that can only be considered as failures.If the work of art is a painting,the artist's failure concerns himself alone,but if it is a building,his failure concerns others too,because it may damage the beauty of the whole place.This does sometimes happen,but it is completely untrue to say,as some people do,that modern architecture is nothing.

We can't judge every modern building by the standards of the ancient time,even though we admire the ancient buildings.Technologically,the modern buildings are more advanced.The modern architect knows he should learn from the ancient works,but with his greater resources of knowledge and materials,he will never be content to imitate the past.He is too proud to do that.

The writer thinks the failure of a building().

Ameans nothing

Bconcerns others

Cconcerns only the artist

Dconcerns all the people in the world


[单选题]请选出下面划线部分ea读音不同的选项( )








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