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[单选题]Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock,()supplies to Yushu , Qinghai province after the earthquake.


Bto send

Chaving sent

Dto have sent


[单选题]All that can be done().

Ahave been done

Bhave done

Chas been done

Dhas done



As a boy I dreamed of flying airplanes 21 I told Dad I wanted to be a pilot.he said. ‘You need to

do your job well on the farm first, and 22 you may realize your dream.’The farm was an everyday

responsibility (职责)-that. 23 Saturday, Sunday and Christmas too

Every morning I got up at four o’clock to milk and 24 the cows. After the milk was bottled, my older brothers and I 25 it to people's homes. I was paid five cents a bottle.

At that time I 26 that to be success-ful you have to take care of your responsibilities一 When I was

16, I signed up for flying lessons. To pay for the lessons I 27 a small restaurant with some friends.

One of our regular 28 was the president of the Farmers Bank.

Every 29 I got,I talked to him about my dream. One day I told him I 30 $3, 500 to buy my own 31 . Helent me the money so that I could fly people within 150 miles of the airport. Twelve years later I was flying people around the world 32 a pilot of a big airline company After ten years in the company I started my own 33 . Today I run a milion-dollar company, but it was on the farm that I learned the principles(原则)that have 34 me. Hard work and determination do 35 dreams come true.

请选择22最 佳选项()。






[单选题]The cowboy is the hero of many movies.He is,even today,a symbol of courage and adventure.But what was the life of the cowboy really like?

The cowboy’s job is clear from the word”cowboy”.Cowboys were men who took care of cows and other cattle.The cattle were in the West and in Texas.People in the cities of the East wanted beef from these cattle.Trains could take the cattle east.But first the cattle had to get to the trains.Part of the cowboy's job was to take the cattle hundreds of miles to the railroad towns.

The trips were called cattle drives.A cattle drive usually took several months.Cowboys rode for sixteen hours a day.Because they rode so much,each cowboy brought along about eight horses.A cowboy changed horses several times each day.

The cowboys had to make sure that the cattle arrived safely.Before starting on a drive,the cowboys branded the cattle.They burned a make on the cattle to show who they belonged to.But these marks didn’t stop rustlers,or cattle thieves.Cowboys had to protect the cattle from rustlers.Rustlers made the dangerous trip even more dangerous.

Even though their work was very difficult and dangerous,cowboys did not earn much money.They were paid bally.Yet cowboys liked their way of life.They lived in a wild and open country.They lived a life of adventure and freedom.

The cowboy was the most important person in the movie.He was the().






[单选题]About 35%of all high school graduates in America continue their education in an institution of higher learning.The word college is used to refer to either a college or a university.These institutions offer four-year programs that lead to a Bachelor of Arts(B.A.)or Bachelor Science(B.S.)degree.Some students attend a junior college(providing only a two-year program)for one to two years before entering a four-year college as a sophomore(二年级生)or junior(三年级生).

It is generally easier to be accepted at a state university than at a private one.Most private schools require strict entrance examinations and a high grade point average(GPA),as well as specific college prep classes in high school.Private schools cost considerably more than state colleges and famous private schools are very expensive.Poorer students can sometimes attend,however,by earning scholarships.Some college graduates go on to earn advanced masters or doctoral degrees in grad(graduate)school.Occupations in certain fields such as law or medicine require such advanced studies.

Since college costs are very high,most students work at part-time jobs.Some have full-time jobs and go to school part-time.Often some will take five or more years to complete a four-year program because of money/job demands on their time.

While the college and work demands take up the great part of a student's time,most still enjoy social activities.Sports,dances,clubs,movies,and plays are all very popular.However,gathering together for long,philosophical talks at a favorite meeting place on or near the university is probably the most popular activity.

How can poor students attend private schools()?

AOnly by working at part-time jobs.

BOnly by working at full-time jobs.

COnly by earning scholarships.

DAll of above.


[单选题]When I was at school, our teacher told the class"You are what you eat. "My friends and Iwould laugh and call each other“ hamburger”(汉堡)and“ biscuits”. Our teacher was trying to show us the importance of eating the right food to stay healthy.

This was 30 years ago when there were big movements to make British people healthier. We started to eat boiled potatoes instead of French fries and drink fat-free milk instead of whole milk. At first I felt my potatoes had no taste at all. But after a while I started to prefer healthier food because I felt stronger and I didnt get sick so often.

So we agree that you become what you eat. Do you know what your friends eat just by looking at them? When you know the effects of different types of food, you can use your knowledge well and eat what you want to become.

Food has been so important to our health. Everyone has their own advice to give, which they have read about or have been told by older people. However, some of these pieces of advice seem to disagree with each other. For example, some say "Eating chocolate makes you fat, "while others say "Chocolate contains the important minerals(矿物质) like iron and magnesium(镁)." In fact,what we need to find out is what type of chocolate to eat and how much of it to eat.

Which of the following does the author probably like now?

ABoiled potatoes

BFried chicken

CFrench fries

DWhole milk


[单选题]In ancient times wealth was measured and exchanged in things that could be touched:food,tools,and precious metals and stones.Then the barter system was replaced by coins,which still had real value since they were pieces of rare metal.Coins were followed by fiat money,paper notes that have value only because everyone agrees to accept them.

Today electronic monetary systems are gradually being introduced that will transform money into even less tangible forms,reducing it to a series of”bits and bytes”,or units of computerized information,going between machines at the speed of light.Already,electronic fund transfer allows money to be instantly sent and received by different banks,companies,and countries through computers and telecommunications devices.

The author mentions food,tools and precious metals and stones together because they are all().

Auseful items

Barticles of value

Cdifficult things to obtain

Dmaterial objects


[单选题]The water we drink and use is running short in the world.We all have to learn how to stop wasting our limited water.One of the steps we should take is to find ways of reusing it.Experiments have already been done in this field.

Today in most large cities,fresh water is used only once,then it runs into waste system.But it is possible to pipe the used water to a purifying factory.There it can be filtered and treated with chemicals so that it can be used again,just as it were fresh from a spring.

But even if every large city purified and reused its water,we still would not have enough.Then we could turn to the oceans.All we'd have to do to make use of the seawater on earth is to get rid of the salt.This process is called desalinization,and it is already in use in many parts of the world.

The way to stop wasting our limited water is to().

Ado experiments with water

Bpurify the used water and reuse it

Cuse fresh water once again

Dmake use of seawater



Tom: 51

Lester :Not bad. What about you?

Tom :Not bad ,either. What did you do last weekend?

Lester:Well, 52

Tom :Oh, 53

Lester:The Lion King.

Tom: Oh,really? 54

Lester:Yes ,it was good. 55

Tom :I went out to dinner with Simon.

Lester :Oh,you must have had a great time. By the way ,how is Simon?

Tom: He´s fine.



What (film/movie) did you see?



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