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[单选题]He spoke so quickly that I did not()what he said.






[单选题]Nothing could stop().

Ahim come

Bthat the came

Chim from coming

Dhim to come



假设你是小明,光明中学的学生,你给你的好友小华写信讲述你的美国之行。内容包括:先去了纽约,看到许多孽天大楼,但看不到世贸大厦了;两天后去了洛杉矶(Los Angeles),参观了好莱坞,游览了迪斯尼乐园;还去了内华达(Nevada)的里诺(Reno),游览了风景优美的大沪(Dahu)湖。





Dear Xiao Hua,

I have just come back from a trip to the United States.I had a very good time there.

I first went to New York.It is really a very big city.I saw quite many skyscrapers there.But the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are no more to be seen. Two days later I went to Los Angeles. I visited Hollywood on the day I got there. After that I spent a whole day in Disneyland. It is really a wonderful place you shouldn"t miss. I also went to Reno, Nevada. There is a beautiful lake named Dahu. The scenery there is attractive!

I hope you will take a trip to the United States some day.


Xiao Ming

[单选题]Mrs. McTavish looked out。“It’s a lovely day。Would you like to go for a walk in the park?”Her children 21 with excitement。

“Before we go,you need to follow some rules。Everyone must 22 hands and stay close to me。You can’t 23anywhere by yourself。Can you all do that?”

All four 24they would。As they walked down the street,Fiona said,“I want an ice lolly(冰棍),Mummy。Can we have some?”

“You can if you follow the rules,”answered Mrs. McTavish。

The park is just around the corner。The children ran off to 25。After a while,when Mrs.McTavish looked up she couldn’t see Jock“Fiona,where’ s Jock?”

“I don’t know,Mummy。He’s not here26,”said Fiona。

The others hadn’t 27 Jock either。Mrs. McTavish had to gather her children together and walk around the park 28 for him。She found him siting near the ice lolly man。“Jock!What are you doing here?I couldn’t29you。”

“Mummy,I want an ice lolly,”Jock whispered。

“You can’t have one now 30 you didn’t follow the rules。”Mrs. McTavish 31 one for each of the other children and they licked(舔)them all the way home。Jock cried。When they32home she talked to Jock。“Mummy has four children。

I must have rules so I can 33 an eye on you and know you’re 34。”Jock said he was 35 and he would follow the rules from then on。








Over the summer, my family took a trip to Iceland to see the natural beauty of it. Little did I 21 I would wake up one morning to have my eyes swelled up (肿胀) like balloons! I was frightened. So many questions were 22 through my head. Am I allergic (过敏的) to something?Was there some Icelandic disease that I 23 ? The only help I received was some allergy medicine 24 a clinic nearby. Nothing was working.

When the trip was over, I went to see my doctor. She gave me eye drops, but clearly they weren"t worth the time or 25 and the swelling got worse and worse.

I finally decided that it would be best for me to 26 being so sad and take it easy and have fun. It was summer after all. I had a fun night with my friends as if nothing was 27 . The next morning I woke up and went to 28 how swollen my eyes were, only to find myself 29 at my normal face. It was a miracle (奇迹). I 30 asking myself why I hadn" t done that earlier. Was being with my friends and having fun really the 31 to my problem?

To this day I still do not know what I had, and 32 do any of the many doctors that I 33 during the summer. I would really like to go back to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, 34 I am very much frightened that I am just allergic to the country. I hope I never 35 having such terrible swelling in my eyes ever again.








As a boy I dreamed of flying airplanes 21 I told Dad I wanted to be a pilot.he said. ‘You need to

do your job well on the farm first, and 22 you may realize your dream.’The farm was an everyday

responsibility (职责)-that. 23 Saturday, Sunday and Christmas too

Every morning I got up at four o’clock to milk and 24 the cows. After the milk was bottled, my older brothers and I 25 it to people's homes. I was paid five cents a bottle.

At that time I 26 that to be success-ful you have to take care of your responsibilities一 When I was

16, I signed up for flying lessons. To pay for the lessons I 27 a small restaurant with some friends.

One of our regular 28 was the president of the Farmers Bank.

Every 29 I got,I talked to him about my dream. One day I told him I 30 $3, 500 to buy my own 31 . Helent me the money so that I could fly people within 150 miles of the airport. Twelve years later I was flying people around the world 32 a pilot of a big airline company After ten years in the company I started my own 33 . Today I run a milion-dollar company, but it was on the farm that I learned the principles(原则)that have 34 me. Hard work and determination do 35 dreams come true.

请选择30最 佳选项()。








New Zealand’s main exports come from the nation’s farms--wool, meat, butter, cheese, and skins. Many people process farm products in dairies (牛奶房), meat-refrigerating plants, breweries (啤酒厂) and flour mills. Sawmilling is an important industry where logging is cartied on in the forests to make pulp for newsprint and other mills make various kinds of paper. Most of New Zealand’s heavy machinery must be imported, but assembly (装配) plants make automobiles and trucks from imported parts. Woolen goods, carpets, clothing, shoes, furniture and electrical appliances are also manufactured. Imported petroleum (石油) is refined (精炼) at an oil refinery at Whangarei. An aluminum smelter at Blutt, near Invercargill, use hydro-electricity to refine one that is imported from Australia. New Zealand’s coal is used to generate steam, make gases, provide fuel for homes and factories and produce electricity. Sand and gravel (砂砾) used for road building and concrete (混凝土) construction, ranks second to coal. Limestone is used to make fertilizer and cement.

Which of the following is NOT the mentioned minerals in the last paragraph?




DSand and gravel


[单选题]The cowboy is the hero of many movies.He is,even today,a symbol of courage and adventure.But what was the life of the cowboy really like?

The cowboy’s job is clear from the word”cowboy”.Cowboys were men who took care of cows and other cattle.The cattle were in the West and in Texas.People in the cities of the East wanted beef from these cattle.Trains could take the cattle east.But first the cattle had to get to the trains.Part of the cowboy's job was to take the cattle hundreds of miles to the railroad towns.

The trips were called cattle drives.A cattle drive usually took several months.Cowboys rode for sixteen hours a day.Because they rode so much,each cowboy brought along about eight horses.A cowboy changed horses several times each day.

The cowboys had to make sure that the cattle arrived safely.Before starting on a drive,the cowboys branded the cattle.They burned a make on the cattle to show who they belonged to.But these marks didn’t stop rustlers,or cattle thieves.Cowboys had to protect the cattle from rustlers.Rustlers made the dangerous trip even more dangerous.

Even though their work was very difficult and dangerous,cowboys did not earn much money.They were paid bally.Yet cowboys liked their way of life.They lived in a wild and open country.They lived a life of adventure and freedom.

The cowboy was the most important person in the movie.He was the().






[单选题]A world like no other--perhaps this is the best way to describe the world of the rainforest. No rainforest is the same-yet most rainforests can be found in the small land area 22. 5 degrees north and 22. 5 degrees south of the Equator(赤道). You can find rainforests in South America and Indonesia. Other rainforests exist further from the Equator, in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Rainforests have a great role to play in supporting the world. They are home to a rich variety of plants, birds and animals. Can you believe that 480 varieties of trees may be found in just one hectare (公顷) of rainforest? These forests have around 50% of all the plants, birds and animals on Earth.

Rainforests have their own perfect way for living. The tall trees make a huge umbrella of branches and leaves which protect themselves, smaller plants, and the forest animals from heavy rain,dry heat from the sun and strong winds. Rainforest trees grow in such a way that their leaves and branches, although close together, never actually touch those of another tree. Scientists think this is a way to prevent the spread of any tree diseases and make life more difficult for leaf-eating insects (昆虫). To live in the forest, animals must climb, jump, or ly across the branches and trees.The ground floor of the forest is not all leaaves and bushes, like in films, but is actually fairly clear. It is where leaves become food for the trees and other forest life.

Rainforests around the world are disappearing at a high speed. A few thousand years ago, rainforests covered as much as 12% of the land surface on Earth, but today this has fallen to less than 5.3%. We hope that the world governments work together with scientists to use their power and knowledge to keep the rainforests for our existence.

What can be seen in a rainforest according to the text?

ALeaves and branches of a tree never actually touch those of the other trees.

BTree diseases make life more difficult for leaf-eating insects.

CTall trees protect themselves from forest animals with their branches.

DThe ground floor is all covered by leaves and branches.




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